"A painting without a frame... is like a soul without a body." ~ Van Gogh

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“Art is the true evidence of the human spirit”


Frank Sumen

For over twenty-five years, Frank Sumen has devoted his creative talents to the art of frame designing in Southern California. He has long been fascinated with the infinite ways in which artists express themselves. Sumen’s respect for each artist’s vision is reflected in his philosophy of framing - that it should “validate and enhance the expression and not take away from it.” Educated in the field of color design at the University of California in Los Angeles, he excels in the multi-level presentations that utilize the finest framing materials. As a result of careful contemplation of the art to be framed, he extrapolates intriguing colors, textures of feelings that reflect the essence of the piece. Then he applies his creative combinations of wood, metal, fabrics and “floating” mats to intensify those qualities. His work is distinguished by his skill both at visualizing and crafting the frame format that best compliments the art. Sumen’s frame designing for TRIBUTE clearly displays his remarkable abilities.


Debbie Mcauliffe

I worked with Frank years ago and who knew that we would be working together again years later. I have a degree in Art and Design and have had a few related careers along the way. I have always had an eye for detail and color so being a Design Consultant for FramePros is a perfect fit and I love it! I enjoy meeting people, listening to their needs and helping to guide them through the decision making process on framing their beloved art.