"A painting without a frame... is like a soul without a body." ~ Van Gogh

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FP1 copy (1) FramePros is more than happy to offer our excellent service and expertise when it comes to protecting your valuable pieces and artifacts. In addition to our customized artwork and memorabilia framing, we also specialize in archival framing. Our professionals are trained and experienced in preserving and protecting relevant pieces, old documents, and photos, using UV protected glazing and museum quality materials so they are lasting for generations to come.

Archival Framing - Limited Edition Marylin Monroe stamp created by the U.S. Postal Service circa 1995 Whether you collect valuable art pieces or artifacts, or they were passed down throughout the generations, our experts will assist you in protecting them, so that you can rest assured they will be safe. With a proper frame, you will be able to proudly and confidently display these significant pieces in your home. When you spotlight these artifacts, they become a fantastic conversation starter when hosting a party or event. You will inspire others as you entertain in your home with the stories or history behind your artifact, documents, old photos, or any other valuable piece you own. With our reliable and classic framing, your friends and family will admire your collection or piece for years to come.

Not only will your piece remain safe and intact with our framing, but will also be aesthetically pleasing. We will customize any framing to your preference and personalization. It should fit perfectly in your home with a uniqueness that is all your own.

Don’t let your important and valuable artifacts, documents, or old photos, stay hidden away in hope of their safekeeping. Take advantage of the benefit of archival framing, so that you can securely display these wonderful items in your home! Call FramePros today to find out more!