"A painting without a frame... is like a soul without a body." ~ Van Gogh

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FP5 copy FramePros understands how important family is, and we are pleased to offer customized frames for family memorabilia. Display your family treasures and keepsakes in a beautiful and classy way! Our goal is to make all your family’s important moments stand out! Your friends and family will be sure to adore it.

From your child’s recitals, graduations, birthdays, family reunions, the birth of a new family member, holidays, other celebrations and much more, customizing a memorabilia is the perfect option for decorating your home in personalized and meaningful way. Family vacations are another great reason for creating a custom framed memorabilia. Perhaps you want to display more than just the pictures you took on your trip, such as tickets to a show or game, wine corks, pebbles from the beach, a personal card or note, or any other items you collected and treasure. If you want a full visual effect of the wonderful getaway you and your family enjoyed, framing this memorabilia is the perfect way to preserve it, so you can rest assured it will last throughout the years.

In addition to creating display boxes for various items such as badges, awards and grandma’s needlepoints, we can restore, retouch and replicate photos. Our professionals at FramePros want to show off your family’s highlights in the best way possible. We will work with you to find the most beautiful and pleasingly aesthetic way to display and appreciate all your family’s keepsakes.

Don’t let your fun and happy family memories become forgotten stored in a box somewhere. Allow those special events and gatherings to shine by being displayed in your home. Call FramePros to speak with one of our experts today!