"A painting without a frame... is like a soul without a body." ~ Van Gogh

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Sports Memorabilia - Laker jersey signed by Kobe and Shaq Do you have a family member or friend who loves sports? If you looking for the perfect gift for them, then we have the best solution – framed sports memorabilia! Perhaps you played sports in high school or college and want to display that memorabilia in a classic and snazzy way? Look no further, because our experts at FramePros will custom design all your sports highlights in a framed memorabilia that you, your friends, and family will admire for years to come.

FP10 copy With our custom framing for all of your favorite sports keepsakes, you are able to preserve the life of your most idolized treasures and put them out on display in your home or office. Many people view their sports memorabilia as some of their most prized possessions, and what better way to showcase your accomplishments than with custom framing! Surprise your son, husband, or friend with a custom designed sports memorabilia. With this thoughtful and personalized gift, it’s sure to be a hit!

The professionals of FramePros can create wood frame moldings and acrylic display boxes customized to any item. Many clients often love to frame bats, balls, sports jerseys, gloves, plaques and more! We carefully analyze the best way to present the item in a custom frame and design the proportions based around that.

Don’t let your prized possessions collect dust in your home. Protect them and increase their value with our custom sports memorabilia framing! If you want to display your sports keepsakes in a timeless, and classy way, FramePros can help! Call our professionals today to find out more about our custom framing for sports memorabilia.