"A painting without a frame... is like a soul without a body." ~ Van Gogh

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FP3 copy Are you an artist or an art collector? Do you create beautiful masterpieces that you want to keep in the best condition possible or maybe you wish to replace a boring frame with a new beautiful one? Preserve your most treasured work with custom framing for your paintings! FramePros knows how delicate paintings are, and how easy it is to damage or smudge them (depending on the materials used). We take our time to carefully transport your artwork into a beautifully constructed frame. With our huge selection of frame colors and materials, it allows you to fully customize your painting and give it a professional, polished look to preserve its beauty.

We understand that these paintings hold sentimental value, which is why provide the best quality craftsmanship in each and every one of our client’s work. Whether you purchased your painting in Paris, a friend or family member painted it for you or it was a gift, we know that it will add beauty and culture to your home. With a new frame to compliment it, it will definitely shine. We take the time to work with you so that we can accomplish the best possible framing for your masterpiece!

Don’t let a plain frame take away from the visual aesthetic of a stunning painting. A custom frame will attract attention and show off your lovely piece of art. We look forward to creating beautiful work together! Call our experts at FramePros for more information about our custom framing for all your wonderful paintings.