"A painting without a frame... is like a soul without a body." ~ Van Gogh

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FP6 copy Do you collect posters and wish to display them but don’t want to risk ruining the quality or take the chance of it looking tacky? With a customized, fitted frame, your favorite poster will look great! Frames give posters, certificates, awards, etc., a sleek, professional, and classic look. At FramePros, we will help you find the perfect frame to show off your poster collection that will also protect them as well. Any type of poster or picture that you want to frame, we will find the best frame possible.

We frame movie posters, collectibles, antiques, advertising, propaganda informative, subject, affirmation, and custom posters...you name it, we can frame it! Posters often are made from materials that can be easily torn or damaged. Perhaps you have several that are still being stored because you haven’t found frames for them yet? At FramePros, we will customize a frame for any size, and will help you choose the best color and style to compliment your piece.

Looking for the perfect gift for your friends, siblings, or kids? Framing their favorite movie poster, or a poster of their favorite vacation spot, sport, etc., is a wonderful gift. They will be happily surprised to receive a personalized gift that they can display and cherish.

Avoid the disaster of your valuable posters becoming torn, faded or scratched. We want to help you display your posters in a fun, classic, and professional way. Call our experts at FramePros today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing about your project and finding the best frames for your collection.